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Solar Thermal Hot Water Heating

Solar energy is free and can be harvested effectively in climates like ours. When installing a solar system from CTEM, with highly-efficient collectors and matching system components, even the smallest amount of solar radiation can be used effectively. The Viessmann Manufacturing solar collectors we offer are specifically designed for northern climates, and can produce enough solar energy to heat as much as 70% of the annual hot water requirements of an average family household.* During the summer months a high performance solar system covers almost all the energy required to heat your domestic hot water, reducing your oil, gas or electricity consumption and making you less dependent on fossil fuels.


A solar system can make a real difference. Not just by reducing the energy bill, but by reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions as well. A solar system can lower the average carbon dioxide (CO2) production of a standard Connecticut household by 3/4 of a ton a year.* An investment in a renewable energy system like solar, not only reduces the day-to-day operating cost, but is also frequently eligible for money saving state and federal rebates. Contact us today to find out what types of rebates are available to you!

* based on a typical residential northeast installation