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Control your system

CTEM can provide the ultimate level of comfort, as well as reduce energy costs by helping you take control of your HVAC system. Run your system only when and where you want to with the following innovative products:  Begin with programmable thermostats to put your HVAC system on your schedule! Then, for the ultimate access to your heating and cooling system when you are away from home, try internet enabled thermostats. The Ultra-Zone Internet Thermostats provide a rich set of innovative features including the ability to configure settings through a graphical interface either locally or via the internet from anywhere in the world.   Lastly, zone your existing duct system with an EWC electronic zone system which includes electronically controlled zone dampers and a zone control panel.  This enables you to cool or heat only the parts or “zones” of the home you want to.

  • Internet Enabled Thermostats


Programmable Thermostats